For hired webmasters / web designers

Please note that these steps are only for people that create web sites for others.

If you are a web designer that creates/manages web sites for other people then you can create the forms for your clients and allow them to make the payments. These are the recommended steps in order to receive referral earnings:

• register a main account, e.g "John";
• refer yourself and register another user, e.g "John_development";
• first user will now earn 50% of whatever John_development makes;
• from John_development account, configure contact forms for your clients, send them the html code.
• each domain will receive a free 30 days trial by default; when trial ends, the web site owner will see a warning on the form with a payment link to extend license (payment URL is public). You can also send them the payment URL from licenses page.

If you have questions about this, please contact us.